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  • Title: Cello Recital: Geringas, David - BANAITIS, K. / BARTULIS, V. / DVARIONAS, B. / GILIN, B. / KAROSAS, J. / ŠENDEROVAS, A. (The Sound of Lithuania)
  • Other titles: Lament
    Nocturne in C-Sharp Minor, VL 183 (arr. J. Celkauskas for cello and piano)
    Prelude in F-Sharp Major, VL 184 (arr. D. Geringas for cello and piano)
    Prelude-canon in B-Flat Minor, VL 271 (arr. D. Geringas for cello and piano)
    Prelude in D-Flat Major, VL 250 (arr. D. Geringas for cello and piano)
    Sonata rapsodica: I. Ballade (Canzona lituana); II. By the Lake (Lithuanian Idyll); III. Allegro capricioso (il modo rustico)
    Song Without Words
    Pezzo elegiaco (By the Lake) (arr. D. Geringas for cello and piano)
    Introduction and Rondino: Introduction; Rondino
    Egle, zalciu karaliene (Egle, the Queen of the Snakes) Suite (arr. D. Geringas for cello and piano): I. Prologue; II. Prelude; III. Lament; Interlude I; IV. Scene of Eglė and Žilvinas; ...
    Recollection, Op. 29
    Prepetuum mobile (version for cello and piano)
    Cello Sonata: I. —; II. —; III. —
    Ballad, Op. 16, "Rachel from Toledo"
    4 Miniatures: No. 1. Sostenuto; No. 2. Rubato; No. 3. Andante non troppo; No. 4. Allegretto
    I'm Seeing My Friend Off and We Taking One Last Look at the Snow-covered February Trees…
  • Contributor: Balsys, Eduardas Komponist; Banaitis, Kazimieras Viktoras Komponist; Bartulis, Vidmantas Komponist; Budriūnas, Bronius Komponist; Dvarionas, Balys Komponist; Gilin, Benny Komponist; Jakubenas, Vladas Komponist; Karnavičius, Jurgis Komponist; Karosas, Juozas Komponist; Kutavicius, Bronius Komponist; Latenas, Faustas Komponist; Senderovas, Anatolijus Komponist; Vainiunas, Stasys Komponist; Čiurlionis, Mikalojus Konstantinas Komponist
  • imprint: Dreyer Gaido, 160527
  • Published in: Dreyer Gaido
  • Language: Not determined; German
  • Keywords: 20. Jahrhundert ; Romantik ; Musik Computer- und Netzwerkressourcen ; Kammermusik
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  • Recording information: Baikstyte, Indre, Klavier -- Balsys, Eduardas, Komponist -- Banaitis, Kazimieras Viktoras, Komponist -- Bartulis, Vidmantas, Komponist -- Budriūnas, Bronius, Komponist -- Dvarionas, Balys, Komponist -- Dvarionas, Justas, Klavier -- Geniusas, Petras, Klavier -- Geringas, David, Violoncello -- Gilin, Benny, Komponist -- Jakubenas, Vladas, Komponist -- Karnavičius, Jurgis, Komponist -- Karosas, Juozas, Komponist -- Kutavicius, Bronius, Komponist -- Latenas, Faustas, Komponist -- Senderovas, Anatolijus, Komponist -- Vainiunaite, Birute, Klavier -- Vainiunas, Stasys, Komponist -- Zubovas, Rokas, Klavier -- Čiurlionis, Mikalojus Konstantinas, Komponist
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