• Medientyp: aufgeführte Musik
  • Titel: The never ending tour / Bob Dylan
  • Beteiligte: Dylan, Bob [VerfasserIn]; Dylan, Bob [AusführendeR]
  • Erschienen: [S.l.]: Deep RecordsP 1992
  • Enthält: Enth.: Lay lady lay. All along the watchtower. Shelter from the storm. Gotta serve somebody. Wiggle wiggle. Rainy day woman no. 12 & 35. Positively 4th Street. Barbara Allen (acoustic). Bob Dylan's dream (acoustic w/band). The lonesome death of Hattie Carroll (acoustic w/band). It ain't me babe (acoustic w/band). Man in the long black coat. Everything is broken. Lenny Bruce. Highway 61 revisited. What good am I?. Ballad of a thin man. "Hearts of fire" outtakes. The usual (3 takes). Some kind of way. Had a dream about you, baby (5 takes). Old five and dimer (3 takes). Had a dream about you, baby (2 more takes). To fall in love with you. Night after night
  • Umfang: 2 CDs; DDD, stereo; 12 cm; 1 Beil
  • Sprache: Englisch
  • Verlags- oder Produktionsnummern: MIK 012 / 13
  • Schlagwörter: CD
  • Anmerkungen:


  • Signatur: Fon-SCD-C 93/320-321
  • Barcode: 20208557
  • Status: Bestellen zur Benutzung im Haus, kein Versand per Fernleihe