• Medientyp: Buch
  • Titel: Heterogeneous catalysis : experimental and theoretical studies
  • Beteiligte: Ruckenstein, Eli [VerfasserIn]; Wang, Haiyou [VerfasserIn]
  • Erschienen: Hoboken, NJ: Wileyc 2014
  • Ausgabe: 1. ed.
  • Umfang: XI, 745 S.; Ill., graph. Darst
  • Sprache: Englisch
  • ISBN: 9781118546901; 1118546903
  • RVK-Notation: VE 7040 : Allgemeines
  • Schlagwörter: Heterogene Katalyse
  • Beschreibung: "This book contains a collection of papers that Professor Eli Ruckenstein and his co-workers have published in the area of heterogeneous catalysis during the past four decades. Chapters 1-3 deal with a number of catalysts involved in various catalytic reactions including methane CO2 reforming, methane partial oxidation, and catalytic combustion; Chapters 4-6 are concerned with applications of various materials such as zeolites, mesoporous V-Mg-O oxides, polymers and polymer-coated SiO2 as catalysts or catalyst supports; Chapter 7 is devoted to theoretical and experimental investigations of metal sintering in model catalysts during heating in various atmospheres; and Chapter 8 deals with some theoretical approaches relevant to heterogeneous catalysis. Each chapter contains a summary, analyses and connections to present-day R&D applications. This book will be of interest to catalytic and material scientists from universities and industry and to graduate students"--
  • Anmerkungen: Includes index - Collection of heterogeneous catalysis papers published by Professor Eli Ruckenstein and his colleagues during the past four decades


  • Status: Ausleihbar